Pre-Book Flowers

Flowers listed here are available for pre-book. Pre-book orders can be placed up to two weeks prior to your event. There are no returns or exchanges on pre-book orders. Consider ordering extra stems.

Additional flowers and colors may be available in our coolers. Stop in often!

View a PDF of all our pre-book flowers and greens.

Our Mixed Bouquets
- 7-10 stems
- minimum 5 bouquets
- you pick the colors, we pick the flowers
- $15/ boutuet

Starter Bouquet

Mixed bouquets are a great place to start your event bouquets & centerpieces. Use them as is or spruce them up with additonal flowers and greens. Great for weddings, graduations, recitals, reunions, & more!
- white, yellow, orange, red, lavender, purple
- green, pink/red/burgandy

What is a "bunch?"

If an item does not have a stem count, it is sold by weight. It's best to stop in to peek at a bunch to help you determine how much you will need.
Babies Breath
- or Gypsophila
- white
Bells of Ireland
- green
Calla Lily - Mini
- white, yellow, purple, eggplant
Calla Lily - Standard
- white
Carnation - Mini
- white, yellow, orange, pink, red
Carnation - Standard
- white, yellow, orange, pink, red, purple, burgandy, peach
- lavender
- or Billy Balls
- yellow
- white, yellow, lavendar, purple
- blue *shades vary*
Golden Aster
- yellow
Hydrangea - Mini
- green
Hydrangea - Standard
- white, blue

Let us see!

We love to see what you created! When you post a pic of your bouquets and arrangements to Facebook and Instagram, tag Market Flowers. Also use the hashtag #IMadeThisBouquet
Hypericum Berry
- pink, red, green
- green early into burgandy in fall
Lily - Asiatic
- orange, yellow
- *Allow time to open*
Lily - Stargazer
- white, white/pink
- *Allow time to open*
Pom Pom - Button
- white, yellow, lavender, purple, green
Pom Pom - Cushion
- white, yellow, lavender, purple
Pom Pom - Daisy
- white, yellow, lavender

Store your flowers

Your bouquets will do great overnight if kept hydrated and in a cool place. A cooler is ideal, but basements or air-conditioned spaces also work well. Check with your venue to see if they have cooler space available for storage.
Protea - Mink
- single stem
- pink
Protea - Pincushion
yellow, red, orange

Order Extra

Flowers can be fragile. It's aways safe to order a bit extra - for accidental breakage, or for a bouquet that might need just a bit more.
- white
- *head size and stem length vary*
Rose - Spray
- ivory, yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender, peach

What color is this?

Is it light pink? Is it peach? Is it blush? Is it ivory? Is it all of them? We will do our best to get you the exact color and tone you want, but with Mother Nature, we all need to be a little flexible!
Roses - Standard
- ivory, yellow, orange, pink, red, lavender, peach, blush

We have a cooler dedicated to just our rose selection where you will find many other colors, styles, and varieties. Check in often!
Snap Dragon
- white, pink
- purple
- white, lavender
- yellow
- *approx. 2"-3" head*


Anything on this page can be pre-booked up to two weeks prior to your event. Call or stop in to place your order. We also have much more in our coolers. Visit us often to see what's new and fresh!
- or enryngium
- blue
- green
Wax Flower
- white, pink, lavender