Pre-Book Greens & Branches

Greens and branches listed here are available for pre-book. Pre-book orders can be placed up to two weeks prior to your event. There are no returns or exchanges on pre-book orders. Consider ordering extra stems.

Additional greens and branches may be available in our coolers. Stop in often!

View a PDF of all our pre-book flowers and greens.

Bear Grass
- $8/ bunch

What is a "bunch?"

If an item does not have a stem count, it is sold by weight. It's best to stop in to peek at a bunch to help you determine how much you will need.
Curly Willow Tips
- $15/ 5 stem bunch

Dusty Miller
- $15/ bunch
- wide leaf
Eucalyptus - Baby
- $15/ bunch
Eucalyptus - Gunnii
- $18/ bunch
Eucalyptus - Seeded
- $15/ bunch


We have the largest selection of fresh eucalyptus in town. We carry 5 varieties including Seeded, Silver Dollar and Baby. Pre-book our eucalyptus or simply shop from our great selection in our coolers.
Eucalyptus - Silver
- $15/ bunch
Eucalyptus - Willow
- or Feather
- $15/ bunch

Open to everyone

We are open to the general public! No floral license or reservations needed to shop with us. Come check us out and see our selection for yourself.
Honey Bracelet
- $10/ bunch
Israeli Ruscus
- $10/ 10 stem bunch
Italian Ruscus
- $15/ 5 stem bunch

Let us see!

We love to see what you created! When you post a pic of your bouquets and arrangements to Facebook and Instagram, tag Market Flowers. Also use the hashtag #IMadeThisBouquet
Leather Leaf
- $8/ 20 stem bunch
Magnolia - Natural
- $15/ bunch
Monstera Leaf
- $4/ stem
- $15/ bunch
Olive Branch
- $15/ bunch
- verigated
- $12/ bunch
- $8/ bunch
- $10/ bunch
- $15/ bunch
Salal Tips
- $12/ bunch


It's best to practice before creating your final bouquet or arrangement. This way you figure out roughly how many stems you will need, and can then plan your flower and greens order appropriately.
Ti Leaf
- or aspidestra
- $10/ 10 stem bunch
Tree Fern
-$8/ 20 stem bunch